Kilimani, Lavington Residents Protest Construction of Churches, Petrol Stations

November 15, 2022
Lavington Five Roads Residents Association Chairperson Ndirangu Maina addresses fellow members of Residential Associations after a press briefing

Residents of Kilimani and Lavington areas have raised concerns about the construction of petrol stations and churches in the upmarket estates.

Through the Chairman of Lavington Five Roads Association Ndirangu Maina, the residents say the developments contravene some crucial regulations among them noise.

They argue that they are never consulted during the approval of a change of land use.

“We are getting these approvals done without residents being involved and where we are involved our views are ignored; the authorities go ahead and give the approval,” Maina said.

“This matter affects Lavington, the same is also happening in Kilimani, Manyani, Woodley, Kiuna and larger Nairobi.”

The chairman noted that the construction of a petrol station in the locality is one example where residents did not give approval and neither were they invited for public participation.

“Public participation is totally ignored, sometimes we hear about them but we are not invited, in case where we are invited our views are overlooked,” Maina complained.

The chairman also noted the change in the use of the area on James Gichuru road at the Olenguruone Roundabout, was also not subject to public participation.

Kimani Mathu, the chairman of Kiuna residents Association, blamed County officials for not involving residents before such projects are approved.

“We are not against change or against development but disorderly expansion could lead to anarchy,” Mathu said.

The residents have called upon the County Government and the National Environmental Authority (Nema) to control development in the area and encourage public participation and proper assessments before any kind of developments are approved.

“Our message is very clear, we are calling upon Nairobi governor and head of Nema to revoke the licenses of this developer who is putting up a commercial building in a low-density residential area,” he said.

“No commercial buildings should be put up near here.”

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