Why Kenyan Betting Apps Are on the Rise

November 17, 2022

Many Kenyans love sports betting, and most of them prefer doing so through the use of betting apps.

It is not a wonder; placing wagers with them is incredibly convenient. So much so, traditional sportsbooks can’t really compete.

You may find plenty of wagering apps these days, and even guides on how to use them and tips on how to win on them, on sites like bet-helper.ke.

There is an apparent trend among the betting applications in Kenya. In previous years, the majority share of the market belonged to international gambling companies such as bet355 or MozzartBet, but that is starting to change.

More and more of the local bookmakers are releasing their own mobile apps, and they are slowly but surely winning back the hearts of the Kenyan punters, along with a significant portion of the market.

In this article, we will try to give a comprehensive answer to the question, “Why is that so?” With all the necessary details provided.

They Know What Kenyans Need

Probably the most important thing about local apps compared to international ones is their ability to know the wants and needs of the Kenyan public.

They are relatable, down to earth, and base their media campaigns and special offerings on actual, on-the-ground data.

Gambling conglomerates are just too soulless in comparison; most of them don’t care about the local situation, presenting bettors with more general offerings.

They are not necessarily bad, but most certainly connect way poorly.

Shabiki is a perfect example of how country-based gambling companies appeal to Kenyan punters. We think they have mastered the art of making advertisements that manage to captivate Kenyan bettors.

Bringing in local celebrities and boasting the most fair odds makes it the most competitive in the current market.

They Support Local Projects

The other notable reason for the rise of Kenyan betting apps is the fact that the sportsbooks that own them are quite happy to provide financial backing to the local projects as well as make significant donations to charity organisations.

Take SportPesa, for example. They not only donated significant sums of money to numerous charities, but they also supported local teams by providing sponsorships and funding for local competitions.

They Are More Trustworthy

Kenyan betting companies have a home-field advantage over their international competitors. Their headquarters, offices, and customer support centres are all located within Kenya. This, in turn, gives them more legitimacy.

If something happens, like a banking issue or something else, you know where you’re calling and that the customer support specialist will surely know how to help you with the specific problem.

Many Kenyan sports betting platforms also perform customer support duties all throughout the day and night. Punters know they can trust platforms like Shabiki or SportPesa because they are always ready and willing to help them.

Why Do More People Bet on Sports These Days?

The general rise in interest in sports betting can be attributed to two factors.

The first is the creation of wagering apps themselves. They made betting convenient and always present. Made it as easy as pressing a couple of buttons is.

Depositing and withdrawing funds from a bookie became a matter of minutes, which surely impacted the general popularity of sports betting online.

These are only a couple isolated cases, but you should be able to see the picture. Overall, the digitalization of our society made it possible for online bookmakers and casinos to arise.

The second thing that helped propel sports betting into the mainstream was their effort to improve their public image.

Done through massive media campaigns, infrastructure development, and more, it has enormously assisted online gambling platforms in becoming what they are today.

Does Sports Betting Lead to Addiction?

Contrary to common belief, sports betting in itself does not lead to problematic gambling.

Like any addiction, this is a severe mental health condition that is closely tied to and probably originates from another psychological disease that was previously undiagnosed.

Nobody becomes an addict out of nowhere; there is always a reason behind it.

If you or someone you know has been plagued by a gambling addiction, we highly advise you to take action immediately and contact the numerous organisations that have made it their life mission to help those who are addicted.

In Conclusion

The trend to replace international gambling giants with local companies is overall an amazing thing. They are better in almost every aspect.

Kenyan sportsbooks present more favourable odds, better bonuses, and promotional offerings. But what is most important is the fact that they support the national economy.

They do so not only through direct backing and donations but also through taxes on their revenue and by creating jobs for thousands of people all around the country.

In our humble opinion, that is most certainly a good thing.

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