Anerlisa Lectures Men Seeking Independent Women To Marry

November 2, 2022

Anerlisa Muigai says love alone cannot sustain a relationship when it comes to dating independent women.

In a message to men who depend on financially stable women, the Keroche heiress said such women eventually want a man who brings something to the table.

“No offense to any man but if you are looking into dating or marrying an independent woman, consider having heavy money and proper investments,” she said.

“Women get tired of ‘give me, do this, pay for this’… And as life goes on, they realize they want to deal with someone who can also bring something to the table…Love alone cannot sustain a relationship,” Anerlisa wrote on InstaStories.

During her time in the limelight, the Nero Company Chief Executive Officer has often berated men who depend on women.

Earlier this year, she told of an ex who dumped her because she hadn’t started a company for him.

“We have been together for a year now and you haven’t helped me’, I asked him how and he said ‘I mean you should have built me a house by now or open for me a company like yours’. I swear I answered ‘If you thought starting a relationship with me will make you rich, then you are in the wrong relationship’. My friend, I was dropped in less than a week,” Anerlisa said on InstaStories.

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