All Things Style With Celebrity Stylist Melina Gold

November 7, 2022

Melina Gold is a 24-year-old fashion designer and stylist, popularly known for styling comedian Eric Omondi.

She shares some tips about styling and fashion.


There is always confusion between fashion and style. Fashion is what you buy but style is what you do with the attires.

In that regard, there is a big difference between a stylist and a designer. A stylist is someone who can manipulate fashion.  One who comes up with stylish looks.

Fashion designers are the creators, they basically sit, think, or get inspired by different things to design clothes. 

As a stylist, I am mainly responsible for choosing and coordinating outfits, and accessories to come up with complete looks and providing fashion advice to the client.

No school teaches styling by the way. Proper styling just comes naturally, it’s a gift that you perfect with practice.  Creativity is key here. You have to know how to work well with colour, fabrics, moods, and all that. You don’t need papers to be one.

Kenyans still don’t understand who stylists are and why they should pay someone to dress them when they can copy a dress on Instagram and take it to a tailor or buy boutique clothes and dress up. We still have a long way to go.

One of the first celebrities I dress is Kenyan rapper Noti Flow. Celebrities need stylists. It’s a crucial part of their career. A stylist helps create the artist’s image and keeps It consistent. For an artist, image is everything. See how other countries invest in stylists, for example, Diamond or, Burna Boy. Their brands are huge and how they look is key.

Diamond and Burna are some African celebrities who even fly with their stylists because they are responsible for how these guys will show up. They sometimes do shopping for them.

Here in Kenya, there is so much fakeness. You will find celebrities who don’t know how to dress, others wear fake designers, while some when busted act like they didn’t know. They dress worse than their fans and expect to be adored and supported. Is that not a joke?

My major highlight in styling was when I dressed Adekunle Gold, he really understands the value of a stylist. I also really enjoy working with Erick Omondi, despite our now and then altercations, he knows how to invest in his image which keeps him trending often.

Ooh! And yes there is good money in this field. You just need to be smart about it and I am a testimony to that.  My brand is a luxury brand so I can attest the money is good based on how you position yourself.

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