Samidoh Talks Joining Politics, Leaving Police Force, Haters

October 21, 2022

Mugiithi star Samidoh says he is likely to join politics in the foreseeable future as he is always open to trying new things.

Samidoh is popular in political circles and even attended the after-party of Ruto’s inauguration at Statehouse. He also attended the swearing-in of his infamous lover, nominated senator Karen Nyamu.

When asked about plans to join politics soon, Samidoh said he could not predict the future but is open to the idea.

“I believe in finding new ventures every day,” he said.

The administration police officer also addressed rumours that he has left the force.

Samidoh said he doesn’t have any reason to leave the force despite his success in the music industry.

“I work during weekdays and when needed and during the weekends do my music, just like every other talent in the police service,” he said, adding that he worked hard to get into the force.

“Have you ever gone to a police recruitment exercise and seen people without shirts being taken through various activities? Leaving a job you searched for under those circumstances is very painful.”

Samidoh also spoke to Mpasho about how he deals with his haters. “Haters will always hate and are meant to be there for life to balance. They would only bother me if they can take away my blessings.”

The singer attributed his success to his late mother Wairimu, who mentored him by singing along with him in church and crusades.

“I wish she was alive for her to see how her prayers molded me and kept me going,” he said.

Samidoh is currently on his second tour of the US spanning two months. He will also perform in UK and Qatar before returning to the country.

“My second US tour begins October 22. My first tour was great and well-received. We are going to the states that we missed out on in our previous one.”

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