Sakaja Sets Out Plan To Put Out Perennial Gikomba Fires

October 19, 2022

Like previous Nairobi County heads before him, Governor Sakaja has pledged to put a stop to the never-ending fires in Gikomba market.

Less than two months after he was sworn in, Governor Sakaja experienced his first Gikomba fire early Saturday morning.

The inferno ravaged Gashosho and Dry Fish markets and gutted blocks of Gorofani and Bondeni estates.

Governor Sakaja visited the scene two days later and instituted several measures to address the perennial infernos.

The Nairobi county boss said the county government will build a fire station at the market.

“Together with the traders, we have identified a site for the fire station whose construction will commence,” he said.

Sakaja also said a wall will be built around the Gikomba market and CCTV surveillance cameras installed.

“We will put up the perimeter wall as well boost security using our county security officers as well as CCTV surveillance,” he said.

Sakaja will also have the Gikomba Market land surveyed and a title issued.

“Gikomba is public land and we will build a wall around it. It belongs to the people of Nairobi. We will defend it to the end from grabbers.

“Our surveyors will be on ground TOMORROW(Tuesday) to demarcate the land so as to process the title deed for Gikomba as Public Land. One of the causes of the fires has been land grabbers and speculators,” the Governor said.

Sakaja also assured that work on a borehole and servicing hydrants starts this week.

When he toured Gikomba market, Sakaja donated Ksh1 million and 5000 iron sheets to the affected traders.

“I have given my personal immediate support for the traders to rebuild. I am very sorry for your loss,” Sakaja remarked.

He also cautioned traders against making any cash payments for county services and asked them to report those stopping them from using the electronic payment system.

“All traders should pay for county cess and other charges through *647# and must not be coerced not to pay in any other way,” he said.

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