Form Two Girl Stabs Father After Refusing To Serve Him Supper

October 25, 2022

Police in Mwea East, Kirinyaga are preparing a murder charge against a 17-year-old girl who reportedly killed her father following a row over supper.

The incident occurred in Ndindiruku village on Sunday night after Justus Mutiso, 34, arrived home at 10.30 pm and found his wife Magdalene Muthoni had left for prayers at a nearby church.

Mutiso asked his daughter to serve him supper but she defied him, saying it was not one of her domestic duties.

Angered, Mutiso reportedly tried to whip the teenager but she escaped and went to the church, some 500 metres from their home, and reported the matter to her mother.

Ms Muthoni returned home with her daughter and served Mutiso his supper.

Later, Mutiso accused his Form Two daughter of indiscipline vowing to flog her. Eyewitnesses said he confronted her once again but in defense, the girl grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the left side of his chest.

“I had to abandon the prayers on receiving information that he required to be served supper. I rushed back home and did my duty as a wife but sadly what followed left me equally shocked,” Ms Muthoni said.

Family members gather at the home of a Form 2 girl who stabbed her father to death in Kirinyaga County

Neighbours responding to the commotion found the man unconscious and rushed him to Kimbimbi Sub-County Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

“I watched my husband as he breathed his last following injuries inflicted on him,” Muthoni added.

Police rushed to the scene and arrested the girl, whom they locked up at the Wang’uru Police Station for interrogation.

Mwea East police boss Daniel Kitavi said the case is being treated as a murder. He said the student will face a capital charge once detectives complete investigations.

“We are holding the girl following what transpired and she will be prosecuted,” said Kitavi.

Area Chief Henry Kariuki added that the murder weapon was seized and would be used as an exhibit in court.

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