Bahatis are Rebranding, Not Suicidal, Sources Say

October 4, 2022

Social media personalities Bahati and Diana Marua are said to be okay, contrary to reports that the former Mathare MP aspirant is suicidal.

The Bahatis as they are popularly known have left their fans concerned in recent weeks due to their continued silence on social media.

Bahati fuelled these concerns a few days ago after he deleted everything on his socials.

Then came the controversial singer Ringtone, who claimed Bahati was battling depression after losing the Matahre Parliamentary election.

Ringtone claimed Diana Marua had called him on two separate occasions for help.

“Bahati anapitia depression. Bahati hataki kukubali alipoteza kiti, mara kama mbili Diana amenipigia kuniambia Bahati anataka kukunywa sumu, nikaenda nikamsaidia,” Ringtone alleged.

But a source close to the Bahatis claims the celebrity couple is just rebranding.

“Bahati did not want to be reminded of the past, and so he took some time off social media just to be there for his expectant wife, but there is nothing big they are going through,” the source said.

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