Size 8: Marriage is Built on Being Faithful To Your Spouse

September 9, 2022

After surviving another marital mishap, gospel couple DJ Mo and wife Size 8 have preached about the importance of fidelity in marriage.

Size 8 said being faithful assures one’s partner and builds trust.

“Faithfulness is a big issue in marriage since everything in marriage is built on it. When you are faithful to your partner, it gives them an assurance to trust you even better,” Size 8 said.

“Being friends and being faithful comes as part three of what we’ve been talking about this entire time,” the couple added.

Size 8 added that fidelity is the cornerstone of their marriage.

“Mo and I have been talking about this for a long time. First of all, we need to be faithful to each other as husband and wife. There is no stepping out of our marriage, he shouldn’t have someone on the side and neither should I,” the preacher said.

She also spoke about the importance of being transparent in finances.

“Be honest about what you earn and how you use it,” she said.

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