Celebrity beautician Nara Luxury to fly 100 women to Zanzibar for a fabulous Tummy Vacay

September 21, 2022

Flamboyant beauty guru and cosmetic icon Nasra Swai, popularly known as Nara Luxury, has revealed that she’s flying out 100 women who have successfully seen the transformation of their tummies and regained their original waistlines to Zanzibar to celebrate the milestones her Nara Luxury brand has reached.

The fabulously wealthy beauty expert, who runs a swanky, entire-floor office along Ngong Road, has said that she’s all about empowering women and that, after years of their loyalty to her Nara Luxury flat tummy brand, she’s now giving back to her greatest supporters – by flying them on an all-expenses-paid 3-day Zanzibari vacay.

Speaking from her lush offices, the scrumptiously gorgeous entrepreneur, who has been running the Nara Luxury company for three years now, said that she feels like time has come for her to appreciate the support her community of diehard clients has accorded her over the years.

“I have been doing this for three years now. I have seen women with unbelievable belly fat go from super fat to very well-toned women, with slimmer waists and no fats at all.

I have been watching all my clients go from the shame of carrying around kilos of belly fat to very trim and lean bellies.

I am so proud of them and, to celebrate this amazing success, I have booked 100 success stories to Zanzibar and will cater for all the expenses”, she said.

One of the women who have become devoted Nara Luxury loyalists is one Rhoda Mukhono who says that, for over one year now, she’s been using the flat tummy cream and she couldn’t be happier about the results.

“I used to have crazy belly fat. My sister too used to have very disturbing love handles. Three weeks of using Nara’s flat tummy cream saw me losing all the fats around my stomach.

I’m even developing abs! My sister was super excited about losing her embarrassing love handles too.

I have recommended ths product to tens of women and the results are crazy. I’m so glad to have been picked up by Nara as one of the beneficiaries of her Zanzibar trip. I can’t wait to go show off my sexy waist at the Zanzibari beaches,” she excitedly said.

The 3-day trip will see Nara tag along 100 of her most loyal clients, take them across beaches, treat them to beauty spas, have them visit iconic Zanzibari locations, treat them to manicures and pedicures, free professional photography, a Ksh. 4000 gift hamper and beautiful views of the coastal sunset.

Nara Luxury produces, among other products, flat tummy gels that have been working wonders on hundreds of Kenyan women.

The Thailand-produced gels are a product of the first non-surgical company in Kenya, specialising on gels that target women with post-partum bodies and also help women with fatty stomachs, love handles and also help with sagging breasts.

“In as much as our gels are wonderful, they’re not a miracle product. Women must learn to exercise and also check their diet for this product to work.

There’s no shortcut to a perfect belly. Alot of my clients have listened to my advice and that explains their success with my flat tummy gel. So, cheers to a perfect body and a Zanzibar Tummy Vacation! ” an elated Nara said.

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