Jaymo: Wajackoyah To Continue Advocating for Marijuana Legalisation

August 25, 2022

The Prof George Wajackoyah-led Roots Party will continue with its calls for marijuana to be decriminalised in Kenya, party spokesperson Jaymo Ule Msee has said.

Speaking with Spice FM on Wednesday, Jaymo said: “We will do a lot of sharing and lobbying, we will be pushing for the legalization of marijuana whether we control the government or not, that is an agenda that has to continue going forward.”

The Roots Party spokesman said they had learned that Kenyans are open and willing to listen to interesting new ideas however bizarre they may sound.

“Many people became interested in the campaign because of how the Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah and his deputy candidate Justina Wamae were articulating the agenda for legalization of marijuana for industrial use,” he noted.

Jaymo Ule Msee at the same time said they were not well prepared for this year’s polls but they will be in the five years leading to the next General elections.

“We were not organized as the other parties because they had senior people in government supporting them. We also did not have many aspirants for the parliamentary seats and other government positions,” he said.

On the ongoing public tiff between Wajackoyah and his deputy Justina Wamae, Jaymo said:

“As you have seen in our campaigns, we have very strong leaders and it is just a difference of opinions on certain issues and how things should be done. That has been witnessed at parties across the world. The matter will be resolved very soon and we will be back to normal.”

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