Justina Wamae Continues To Praise Ruto, Offers To Serve As His Minister

August 24, 2022

Justina Wamae has thrown out warnings from her party leader Wajackoyah and continued to praise president-elect William Ruto at the expense of their Roots Party.

Earlier this week, Wajackoyah summoned Wamae to face disciplinary action for ridiculing the party. He also threatened legal action against Wamae if she continues making utterances that affect the party’s reputation.

In addition to rubbishing the summons as pettiness, Wamae has expressed her admiration for President-elect William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza manifesto.

Speaking on a local radio station on Tuesday, August 23, Justina described Ruto as a brilliant mind, saying she would be honored to work for him.

“If you look at the ages of all presidential candidates, Ruto resonates with the younger generation. In terms of manifestos, ours (Roots Party’s) was similar to theirs. In the case of empowering the agricultural sector, Kenya Kwanza’s manifesto was about the economic empowerment of the mwananchi. So, Kenyans appreciate a competent and brilliant mind hence I would serve diligently,” she said.

Wamae continued: “My calling is to serve the interests of Kenyans. You cannot implement these ideas when in lower positions hence you need to be in higher positions. In 2018, I applied for the Principal Secretary position but didn’t get it. Hence, if the position comes up, I would certainly take it.”

Justina at the same time denied that she had quit Roots Party amid her public fallout with Wajackoyah.

“There’s no need for an argument because you have differences of opinions. For now, since you are the head of the party and the one to choose, then it’s his mandate. For instance, in my opinion, Jubilee’s Polycarp Igathe’s resignation as Nairobi deputy governor came back to haunt him as many argued that he ought to have led Nairobi county at the time. So, if I’m kicked out, it’s okay but as it stands, I’m staying,” she said.

Wamae also rubbished claims that Wajackoyah supported her financially during the campaign period.

“If he would have given me a house, I would have donated it since I saw no need of moving in. My husband supported me throughout the electioneering period financially,” she said.

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