Esther Musila Reveals Worst Hate Message She has Ever Received From Troll

August 2, 2022

Esther Musila opened up about her experience with cyberbullying, revealing one of the worst messages she has ever received n social media.

The former banker has been on the receiving of unfortunate online hate since she went public about her relationship with celebrity singer Guardian Angel. The main bone of contention for many trolls is the age difference between the singer and Musila.

“The hate was from the photos my husband posted on his account about me or from blogs. I found that everyone wanted to know Esther and so, my social media were flooded with friend requests

“I thought they would crash. I decided to open a public page for everyone who wanted to know who I was,” Musila said.

The international civil servant working for UN-HABITAT went on to painfully recall the vile and hateful message she received from someone hiding behind a pseudo account.

“Someone sent me a message in a pseudo account and said,’ You will die before Guardian. I wish you death,” Musila narrated.

The 52-year-old mother of three said the message got her out of bed as she wondered why someone would wish death on her for being in love with someone she genuinely loves.

“It was at 5:27 am. I left the bed and went to the living room. I asked myself how someone could not sleep wishing death on me. For what reason? I thought about replying and I did. I talked to the person in a polite way,” Musila said.

Musila also revealed she has since blocked over 5,000 social media accounts.

“There are things I respond to and others I block, I have over 5k blocked accounts coz I don’t the negative energy on my page. I am about good vibes,” she said.

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