Why Lillian Muli Won’t Be Taking Baby Daddies to Court to Claim Child Support

August 2, 2022

Lillian Muli recently talked about the challenges of co-parenting saying it is the children who suffer the most when the parents are not on good terms.

As a single mother of two boys with different fathers, the Citizen TV news presenter has apparently had her fair share of baby daddy drama.

Speaking in an interview on the Kyallo Culture reality show, Muli told Betty Kyallo that most men fail to take parental responsibilities if their baby mamas turn down their advances.

“There is a tendency of men to renege on their responsibilities if they are not sharing a bed with you or if they are not on good terms. The child ultimately is the one who suffers,” she said.

“Children suffer the most in this situation,” she added.

Muli also revealed she is not the type to sue a baby daddy for child support saying she has left it to fate.

“I am not taking anybody to court for these things, by the way. I am like, if you want to sign a date with karma, you do it.

“I won’t make you do something you already know you should be doing. If you’re out buying champagne for slay queens, go ahead,” she said.

Noting that having two baby daddies is messy, Lillian said her breakups were tough to deal with.

“I grieve and mourn over a relationship breakup. I play love songs, take long drives and eat ice cream,” she said.

Lillian and Betty Kyallo also insinuated that their exes used them for their fame, with Betty in particular vowing she will never post her lover online ever again.

“In my last relationship, I put him out on social media and I am now like, I will never do that again. That is my space and we should stop overlapping each other when it comes to my social media space,” Kyallo said.

Muli added: “Even now, I think he must be Nairobi’s most eligible senior bachelor.”

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