Content creator Charlie Karumi has revealed his next move a month after he quit his radio hosting gig at Homeboyz Radio.

Karumi hosted his last radio show alongside G Money on Friday, June 24, 2022. He went on to land a talk show on Kiss TV dubbed Friday Night Live.

That is not all, however! Charlie has also relocated to Canada, where he has his sights set on becoming a movie star.

In a video on his YouTube channel, the ‘Watu Wote’ actor said he relocated to start a new life with his wife who is a postgraduate student in Courtenay town in Canada.

In July I quit my job, packed up my bags, sold our car, packed up our house in Kikuyu, and bought a ticket and flew 14338.1 Km from home,” he said.

I am going to be a movie star, it is really what I desire. I want to be in films and movie shows and I’m going to make that happen ” he added.

Karumi mentioned he is looking to break into the Canadian film industry in Vancouver.

So Vancouver province, there is a place where they shoot tons of movies and shows, and I need to break into the industry there and from there to the world because that is what I want to,” he said.

I don’t when or how but is going to happen, it is going to be a fun crazy and difficult ride but am ready for it,” Karumi added.


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