Watch: Martha Karua, ‘Asimioo Haroo’ Comedian Star in Music Video ‘Heko Mama’

July 1, 2022

Azimio-One Kenya coalition running mate Martha Karua is the star of a new music video for a song titled ‘Heko Mama’.

Released by Boniface Mwangi on YouTube Thursday, June 30, ‘Heko Mama’ brings together the voices of Kenyan singers Sally Wisdom, Fena Gitu, Grace Mwai and Jecinta Omondi.

Also featured in the video is comedian Joe Nyokabi, who has since shot to instant fame for mimicking Karua’s rallying call, ‘Asimioo Haroo’.

‘Heko Mama’ is a celebration of the Kenyan womenfolk and how far Mama Kenya has come. It compares Kenya to a mother.

“Mama, Mama Kenya, Mama. Usinitenge,unijenge mama. Niskie Mama, Mama Kenya Mama.Umetoka mbali weee.Usichoke Mama,”sings the chorus.

Translation: “Mother Kenya. Don’t abandon me, build me Mother. Listen to me mother, Mother Kenya. You have come from far. Don’t get tired.”

Watch ‘Heko Mama’ below.

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