Wajackoyah Addresses State Project Claims

July 8, 2022

Prof George Wajackoyah says he is his own man amid claims that he is a State-sponsored project.

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura was among the political observers who rubbished Wajackoyah’s presidential candidacy saying he should not be taken seriously.

Wajackoyah is a state-sponsored project and should not be taken seriously. He has the attention of Kenyans for now and his manifesto is a joke.

“He is telling us to sell dogs and snakes to China, how is that even possible. He is just for comical entertainment, therefore, he should be dismissed without contemplation,” Mwaura said on Monday this week.

Wajackoyah responded at a political rally in Murang’a saying: “I want to make it clear that I am neither a government nor anyone’s project.

‘I am running my own race for the people of Kenya. If I were a government project as they claim, I would be flying around in choppers as others are doing,” added Wajackoyah.

The Roots Party candidate mentioned that his naysayers were getting worried about his rising popularity.

I think they are beginning to feel my impact in the race and they are sensing defeat,” he said.

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