Locals Miss Out on Game Meat as Trapped Giraffe is Rescued

July 25, 2022

Officers from Kenya wildlife Service (KWS) in Mashuru sub-county, Kajiado last week rescued a giraffe that had been caught in a fence.

The female giraffe was among a tower of giraffes roaming the Mashuru Eselenkei area in search of pasture, with the region grappling with drought.

The animal was trying to enter private land when its legs were trapped by the chain-link fence. It took KWS officers three hours to free the severely injured giraffe as it groaned in pain.

Dozens of locals stood by to witness the incident while hoping to be allowed to slaughter and feast on the animal. They claimed the high cost of living had denied them the luxury of meat.

“We want the officers to allow us to slaughter the animal for a sumptuous meal. We can hardly afford meat nowadays. Life is hard,” said John Montet.

The locals further complained that the ravaging drought was to blame for the stray wild animals roaming the villages.

They called on the KWS to contain the wild animals in the parks and private sanctuaries to avert human-wildlife conflict.

“Wild animals are patronising our private lands in search of pasture. We have seen animals destroying fences and boreholes. Marauding jumbos, giraffes and zebras are roaming freely on our farms,” said Saitoti Supeiyio.

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