Infotrak Under Fire After Curiously Deleting Twitter Poll Showing Gachagua Ahead of Karua

July 20, 2022

Infotrak pollPollsters in Kenya rarely inspire confidence on their impartiality.

Infotrak in particular has on many occasions been branded an Azimio (pro-Raila) operation, and on Tuesday night, they didn’t do much to change that perception.

Following the debate between Martha Karua of Azimio and Rigathi Gachagua of Kenya Kwanza, many polls were conducted on social media, particularly Twitter. Among the entities that conducted their own was Infotrak, which received over 50,000 responses in just a short while.

The poll also included the two other running mate candidates, namely Justina Wamae and Ruth Mucheru.

From the poll, Rigathi got close to 62% of the vote, followed with Martha Karua with just under 30%. Justina Wamae and Ruth Mucheru got 8% and 0.6% respectively.

While in no way scientific, Twitter polls are often used to quantify the immediate reactions of Twitter users.

To be clear, Twitter users make up a very small, unrepresentative sample often in urban areas. Results should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, it was curious that Infotrak, which conducted the poll unprovoked, soon deleted it. No reason has been given for this, but Kenyans on Twitter are speculating that the pollster was not happy with the results.

UDA’s Dennis Itumbi was convinced that they finally had the evidence that the pollster is not impartial.

He tweeted, @Infotrakltd is an ODM thing! Unfortunately for them hii Ukora yao was brought to @Twitter ! Where they cannot change the FACTS! When they Noticed their ODM – AZIMIO was losing,they did what they do to polling Data, alter & DELETE – but on these STREETS -TUMEWASHIKA Red Handed!”

Here are some other reactions.

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