Reactions After Rigathi Gachagua Said Kerosene is Bought in Supermarkets

July 20, 2022

The Tuesday night running mate debate between Martha Karua and Rigathi Gachagua had a few soundbites from both sides.

One memorable one was when the candidates were asked about the cost of some basic commodities. For the most part, they appeared prepared, with both correctly naming the price of bread and a litre of milk.

However, there was one unmissable moment when Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua was asked what the price of kerosene is. It was pretty obvious that he did not know, and instead of taking an educated guess, Gachagua stated, “I don’t go to the supermarket.”

Not knowing the price is one thing, but Kenyans were quite shocked that the MP thinks that kerosene is sold in supermarkets, rather than in petrol stations and the likes.

Here are some reactions from Twitter following that response.


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