Career Path With CEO of KenGen Retirement Schemes, Josphat Muriuki

July 18, 2022

Josphat Muriuki s the CEO and Trust Secretary of KenGen Retirement Schemes with a cumulative assets value of about Sh20 billion.

The 38-year-old boasts more than 13 years of experience in the pensions industry with a deep understanding of pensions administration, investment and governance.

Muriuki shares his career path:

“I was born and raised in a remote village called Kianwe in Kirinyaga County, where I also did my pre-secondary education. My parents were, and still are, small-scale farmers.

Through the sponsorship of a close relative, I went through my secondary and university education with no hitch.

I hold an MBA (Finance), and a BSc (Actuarial Science) and currently undertaking my PhD in Leadership & Governance.

I am a Certified Investment and Financial Analyst (CIFA), a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, a Certified Information and Security Auditor, and a Certified Pensions Trustee.

“One day, while relaxing in Uhuru Park waiting for the sunset to give me an easy walk back home after a long day of job search, I received a call from my former employer, Liaison Group, asking me to attend an interview with their CEO at 3 pm and at 5 pm, I had a job as a pension consultant.

The journey has been long and evolving from a consultant to a CEO within eight years.

“‘Great minds don’t work in the afternoon; you might find yourself signing your resignation letter. Great minds use the afternoon to plan the next day’s activities, hence wake up early to implement their set of activities.’ This statement from my former boss has remained my mantra to date. 

Career drivers

“Three key things have been my career drivers. First is connections; you are as good as your network.

Your social circle defines you. I have people who challenge me to be better every day.

The second is effective communication. It invites you to the table.

John C. Maxwell says good leaders ask questions. Through effective communication, you will receive feedback, which makes you better every time.

Third is creating a personal brand that can be trusted as an authority. It has been a journey of proving myself through personal branding, which has required committing enough time for research and reading. 

“Nine years ago, I went back to school. I did my MBA, together with CIFA, within two years.

After this, I decided to get out of the kitchen and serve the meal. In 2015/16, I fronted myself and left back-office assignments.

This required self-affirmation and sharpening of my oratory skills. In 2017, I was named Top 40 Men Under 40, which opened several other recognitions locally and internationally. This is an accomplishment I am proud of.

“On key decisions that I might have made in my career journey, moving from a permanent job to a contract job was massive.

Most of my acquaintances said I was making a silly mistake. But it has remained the best decision ever.

I am accountable to the board and my deliverables are clear as per the employment contract, meaning I work myself out, or failure will be knocking.

“My mother, my uncle and my wife have been my greatest cheerleaders. They have been there through and through and have helped shape the person I am today. 

“My advice to the youth: Learn and relearn. When you still have energy, go back to school, it will never be in vain. Lastly, invite yourself to the table, nowadays they no longer send invitation letters.

“In future plans, I want to influence the model of saving in Kenya. I wish to be remembered as someone who influenced Kenyans’ saving culture, especially within the premise of retirement.

I also wish to impact the private equity investment world and showcase opportunities for investments in the region for local and international private equity firms, with the expectation to impinge on our capital market through exits for these investments.

This will improve the trading activities in our public market, which has remained semi-dormant for a long time.”

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