Ben Pol on What Went Wrong With Anerlisa Muigai

July 1, 2022

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol is back in Kenya on a media tour to promote a new song. Dubbed Kijanisha, the track features Christina Shusho, Joh Makini, Frida Amani, Justdiggit and Lead Foundation.

Ben Pol appeared on Radio Citizen’s Mseto East Africa show on Thursday, where he also spoke about his short-lived marriage with Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai.

The singer recounted that he was the one who approached Anerlisa, who received him well and a love affair blossomed in 2018.

They got married secretly in 2020 and parted ways some months later.

“Right now, I do not feel that there is something I would have fixed if time was reversed. That is life. We used to work together on many things, and it would help,” he said.

Ben Pol told Mzazi Willy M Tuva that he is in a good space right now.

When asked what went wrong, the musician said he could not pinpoint a particular reason why their marriage didn’t work.

“To be honest, I cannot pinpoint one or two things that went wrong between us, I was myself and genuine. Things did not work, and one can just accept and move on,” he said.

After their divorce, Ben Pol said he sought counselling services because he needed healing.

“What I believe is, if you had invested in that relationship, you just can’t move on as if nothing happened. It doesn’t go like that. I had to cope. I went for counselling. I can never deny,” he said in another interview.

Ben Pol also mentioned he has learned to keep some personal things private after the divorce.

“After my divorce, I came to learn that there are some personal things which I should keep to myself. It is still not okay to speak about it,” he said.

“Even at the moment, I would still want people to view me as an artiste and all religions to support me. It was not a good idea to come out and speak about it. I know that is God but just respect my private life.”

Ben Pol said he is currently single and focussing on his music and co-parenting his 6-year-old son with his ex-partner.

“I am not looking for a lover but I am open to love and if love comes, I will be okay. I am just living my life genuinely and enjoying my life,” he added.

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