Bahati Speaks on Diana Marua Walking Out of Marriage

July 1, 2022

Singer-turned-MP aspirant Bahati has disclosed the challenges he faced in the early years of his relationship with Diana Marua.

Speaking on Mseto East Africa, the embattled Mathare MP aspirant said Diana Marua walked out on him about three times in one year.

“The first year she would move out when we disagreed, it was one of the toughest. You had to go for her at her home, you start at zero again. She walked out 2 or 3 times, stabilizing a relationship takes time,” Bahati said.

The singer said Diana’s main issue was that he did not dedicate enough time to their family. He mentioned that it wasn’t about cheating on her.

“I found it difficult to balance my music career and family. She also had a newborn.

“She has never caught me cheating, one of my phones does not even have a password, the other she knows the password,” he said.

Bahati also spoke about Diana’s rap career, saying he was equally shocked when she told him about it.

“I had never thought she would one day want to go to the studio, but she is a fast learner. I loved her confidence and flow,” he said.

Bahati further praised Marua for her support as he ventures into politics.

“She is very supportive to me, to my family and she is the best mum my kids would ever ask for. She is already thinking of ways on how we can support my community and home. She has been praying for me, encouraging me,” he said.

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