Wajackoyah: Vote For Raila If You Can’t Vote For Me

June 29, 2022

Roots Party leader and Presidential aspirant Professor George Wajackoyah sensationally endorsed Raila Odinga for president while campaigning in Kakamega, Bungoma, Vihiga, and Kisumu.

Prof Wajackoyah urged supporters to vote for the Azimio flagbearer if they can’t vote for him.

Noting that he has roots in the Luo community, Wajackoyah claimed Raila had sent him to deliver a message to his supporters.

Wajackoyah also hinted at a secret pact with Raila that could see them work together in the next government.

“Mi nasema hivi kwa sababu Agwambo amenituma akaniambia nyathi Omwami, dhi adhiya nyime to iwuoth kama, iwuoth kama to ka isechopo kacha to ichung kanyo. Ka asechung to koro abiro kao gimoro to koro Agwambo brobedo e State House koro en ema omiya directions,” said Prof Wajackoyah in Dholuo.

This loosely translates to: (I am saying this because Agwambo has sent me and told me, son of Omwami, just go ahead, walk like this, move like this and when you reach there stop. When I have stopped I will get something to do as Raila sits at State House giving me directions).

He added: “Ata Agwambo amekubali, ameniambia ni jogi osechape, gisechamo mwandune, gisemaye, gisetere e jela koro oseketa kacha to odhira mana mos mos, ka oseketa kanyo koro eka ogwamboree ni ii”

(Agwambo has agreed and told me that these people have frustrated him, have gobbled up his wealth, have stolen his votes, and have jailed him and that is why he has placed me there and is pushing me slowly but slowly and once he has reached a particular point he will manifest himself as the one in charge).

The Roots Party leader also said a win for either him or Raila would be a victory for the Western and Nyanza regions.

“I am made to understand Baba came from Wanga, so we still have his bedroom in Mumias. I am a neighbour here and as you know, I am in the race with Raila. If you don’t vote for me then you would rather vote for him. A victory for either of us will be a win for the Western region,” he said.

“When I clinch the presidency, I will have a sit-down with Raila in a boardroom meeting with the aim of working together with him after elections,” Wajackoyah added.

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