Mulamwah Shows Off House Under Construction

June 29, 2022

Comedian Mulamwah (born David Oyando) is on his way to becoming a homeowner.

The funnyman, who lived in a Sh9K bedsitter to save enough money for his own house, started putting up a crib about three months ago.

And this week, Mulamwah provided an update on the ongoing construction. Taking to his Instastories the comedian shared pictures showing a foundation being laid.

Mulamwah noted that laying the foundation alone was a costly venture. He said the price of construction materials was expensive.

“While you pray for the prices of unga to go down please remember the price of steel, cement and stones. These things are expensive, the foundation alone has cost the price of a good car,” Mulamwah wrote.

Last year, Mulamwah encouraged his fans to save money and invest as he bought his first parcel of land.

Today I want to inspire someone, I’m going to buy my first piece of land from comedy.

“When I started hakuna mtu alikuwa anabelieve. Watu watakutusi lakini don’t listen to people just set your mind right and go for it. Don’t listen to what people are saying, don’t compete with anybody, move with your pace. The little money you get; save and invest because you don’t know when you will get the money next… So don’t waste the money, wachana na raha hasizaidii, just invest,” said Mulamwah in July.

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