Grace Ekirapa Vows Not To Create Social Media Account For Her Daughter

June 24, 2022

Grace Ekirapa says she is not okay with having to create social media accounts for her baby.

The TV presenter and her actor husband Pascal Tokodi welcomed their daughter two months ago. They named her Jasmine.

However, unlike other celebrity parents who open online accounts for their babies, Ekirapa won’t be exposing Jasmine to the world.

Grace said any company seeking to advertise with her daughter can do it on her social media pages.

“No Instagram or any other social media for her,” she said.

“We can do endorsements on our pages. I am sorry but am not okay when an infant is talking to me on Instagram.”

Grace also mentioned she would be weirded out if she posted on social media as Jasmine.

“I feel weird that a one-week, one-month baby saying, ‘hey world, I am here’. I don’t have a problem with those doing it but for me, I am not going to do that.

“When they are old enough to open one for themselves and post, that’s okay since it’s gonna be their voice,” she said.


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Grace Ekirapa also explained how they arrived at the name Jasmine.

“When I was growing up, I learnt that names are powerful. Like my name Grace has opened many doors for me,” she said.

Adding: “Jasmine means a gift from God. We believed God for a girl coz all my sisters have boys and Pascal’s family has boys as well. He comes from a family that has four boys.”

Grace said Jasmine is a gift from God to the people around her.

“We gave her that name as a way to open doors for her. Everywhere she goes, she is presented with the name gift. She will be a gift from God to the people around her. Every time you call that name, you bring that name to life. I remind myself that she is a gift from God.”

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