“DP” Gachagua’s Grand Plan After Recovering His Frozen Millions

June 30, 2022

Kenya Kwanza presidential running mate Rigathi Gachagua says if they win the Presidential Election in August, he will recover his frozen bank accounts.

In 2020, the High Court froze more than Sh200 million belonging to Mathira MP over the questionable source of his alleged Sh12.5 billion.

The Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) claimed Gachagua received the billions through three accounts at Rafiki Micro Finance Bank in seven years.

Speaking in Konyu ward in his Mathira constituency, Nyeri County, Gachagua revealed his plans for the money should he become the next Deputy President.

“You all know the current government has frozen all my bank accounts. When our government gets to power and I become the Deputy President, I know my accounts will be unfrozen, I know my salary will increase,” he said.

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Gachagua said he would the millions to build a “state house” in Konyu ward where he would host locals for a fireside chat.

“I will build a good house in this ward where we shall be enjoying regular meat eating and drinking sessions with local men. My wife will also have her place where she will be meeting with other women,” Gachagua enticed the locals.

He added: “Then for women I put up a place where they can be visiting Mama Gachagua to take porridge as they sing and praise. And because women love dancing I will install a kinanda for dancing to. Is that okay with you people?”

The crowd agreed in unison.

Gachagua further pledged to raise his donations to churches tenfold if Kenya Kwanza forms the next government.

“I thank the church because if it were not for prayers, I would not have been elevated to this position. I promise that when I get there I will increase my donation to churches from Sh100,000 that I have been donating to Sh1 million. I know God will bless me more.” He said.

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