David Moya Speaks on Rumored Beef With ‘Mi Amor’ Singers Jovial and Marioo

June 30, 2022

Moya David has denied there’s bad blood between him and ‘Mi Amor’ hitmakers Jovial and Marioo.

The TikTok sensation has been using ‘Mi Amor’ in his popular surprise dance videos, with some netizens suggesting that Jovial and Mario ought to pay him for popularising the song.

But Moya David says the two singers don’t owe him anything.

“I don’t want anything from them. That’s just how it is. By the time I was using the song, I loved it. So right now I cannot start claiming money from the artistes saying that I am promoting their song,” he said.

Moya mentioned he is on good terms with the Kenyan singer Jovial.

“I have ever surprised Jovial, and we even talked. We were to even do a project together but by then I was very busy,” he said.

Regarding the Tanzanian singer Marioo, Moya said he hasn’t had the chance to interact with the singer.

“Marioo and I have never talked. All I know is that I trend a lot with his song. I don’t know if he sees and just assumes, you know with artistes you never really know. But I can’t say it’s pride because I know he notices,” he said.

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