Rigathi Gachagua on Frozen Accounts: They Wanted to Cripple Me Financially

March 14, 2022

In 2020, the Hight Court froze more than Sh200 million belonging to Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua.

This followed a petition by the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) which claimed Gachaga was involved in a complex scheme of money laundering.

According to ARA, Gachagua received more than Sh12.5 billion through three accounts at Rafiki Micro Finance Bank in seven years.

But the lawmaker claimed he saved Sh200 million at Rafiki Microfinance Bank which was invested in a fixed deposit account.

He said each time money was rolled over after three months, a new entry of the same sum was entered in the bank statement thereby creating the misleading impression that the account was holding monies to the tune of Sh12 billion.

With the Sh200m still frozen, Gachagua says he is doing okay as he has a supportive family.

“I am okay. They wanted to block my salary account but the courts rejected that, demanding to know how my monthly pay was connected to crime. The courts rightly said money from Parliament could not be proceeds of crime. Even money in the frozen accounts came from the government. How can government money be proceeds of crime yet I was paid for work done? It is all harassment but I am fine,” he said in an interview with Sunday Nation.

According to Gachagua, the case against him is a ploy to cripple him financially. He however expressed confidence that he will come out on top.

“I cannot starve for I have a very supportive wife and children. They wanted to cripple me financially, expecting me to kneel and beg for the reopening of the accounts. I cannot kneel before anyone. I only kneel before God. They demanded that I explain the source of the money. We have done that. I am sure our justice system is good and fair. I can assure you that I am not worried,” he stated.

Rigathi was also about his net worth but he declined to reveal citing tradition.

“I do not know(my networth). A person does not talk about the number of children, animals and the wealth he possesses in our community. It can haunt you.

“I am a junior elder. You don’t say give such details. Young people can splash their money around but I cannot. I do not want to upset my people. But I would like to say this: there are cases against me, and everybody knows they are trumped up,” he  said.

Rigathi added: “At no time, in the years I have worked with President Kenyatta has he ever asked about my wealth. He was President between 2013 and 2017 and had all the chance to ask the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to check on me. He only asked for my source of wealth after we differed and we have been in court since. The case was filed in August or September. There is no evidence to support it. Everybody knows I was threatened with cases if I refused to toe the line.”

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