Coast Sex Workers Increase Prices, See Their New Rates

June 30, 2022

Commercial sex workers in Mombasa County have hiked prices for their services citing the tough economic times being experienced in the country.

Through their NGO, Nkoko Iju Africa, the sex workers urged their clients to dig deeper into their pockets. They said the rising prices of basic commodities in the country have left them no other option but to hike prices.

The basic ‘No Romance’ Package has now shot up from Ksh300 to Ksh500. The full package inclusive of romance benefits will now set back clients Ksh1000.

The exclusive ‘No Condom’ Package has also shot up significantly.

“We have agreed on the basic price to charge, for a session with no romance will now go for Ksh500 from Ksh300, for full packages inclusive of romance our charges are now Ksh1000 from the normal price of Ksh500, this is while one is using protection. Those who want to enjoy services with no protection will be required to cough Ksh3000,” said Nkoko Iju outreach coordinator Lucy Kiragu.

The official said the new rates take effect from Thursday, June 30. Ms Kiragu also mentioned they had issued their clients with a 3-day notice on Monday.

Kiragu also urged their members to adhere to the new rates lest they face disciplinary action.

“Tough times call for tough measures. If one is not ready to adhere to the set rules, they will face hefty fines and even be de-registered by the organization. We call our members to cooperate and introduce and stick to the new prices,” she said.

She also noted that the number of clients had reduced due to the high inflation.

Nkoko Iju boasts over 4000 registered members across Mombasa County.

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