Cashy Accuses Khaligraph Jones of Blocking Son’s Scholarship

June 16, 2022

Former femcee Cashy Karimi has once again come out to blast ex-boyfriend and baby daddy rapper Khaligraph Jones.

A few days ago, Cashy reiterated that the rapper is a deadbeat father to their son. She followed it up with an interview with Mpasho, where she insisted she is fighting for her child’s rights.

“That is the end goal otherwise I wouldn’t speak because I am not speaking for myself,” she said.

“If I say anything I am defending my kid. I even relocated from Nairobi to run away from the city’s pressure. It was so much and I needed to do a lot of healing. I have been fighting for child support for several years and I had to let it go until March of this year. I don’t want to be the mum that interferes with the child-father relationship,” she explained.

Cashy further alleged that Khaligraph Jones denied their son a scholarship opportunity.

“My baby got a blessing, he got a scholarship to play here then travel to Lamu then travel to the UK then back. So I believed that was a good opportunity because my kid wouldn’t need anyone anymore,” she said.

Cashy said all that was left for the opportunity to materialize was consent from Khaligraph. She approached the rapper but he allegedly declined to give his consent before blocking her.

“Even his manager has blocked me and I can’t understand them because how do they want to access the child? What’s the point of all of it?” she posed.

“The kid continues to grow and I don’t understand why people keep asking me to sweep it under the rag yet they don’t feed him I am the one who does everything,” she added.

Ms Karimi also claimed Khaligraph Jones had only seen his kid a few times since he was born.

“He saw the child only twice and once during the DNA test. I won’t keep quiet because we won’t win either way and my child will still be oppressed. So I’d rather speak out because something can happen and also God doesn’t let all these tears or things go to waste. If it was a private person I would have handled it differently.”

The rapper was yet to respond at the time of writing.

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