What Anerlisa Said After a Fan Told her ‘Utazaa Lini, Unazeeka’

May 6, 2022

Popular online personality Anerlisa Muigai has been told she is getting old and that she should be thinking about having children.

The 34-year-old Keroche Breweries heiress is the latest Kenyan public figure to face questions about childbearing. In what has become a norm in Kenyan online spaces, some fans of the singer have been pressuring her to have children.

One such fan wrote: “Utazaa Lini? Unazeeka. (When will you have babies? You’re getting old).”

Anerlisa, who has since grown a thick skin from previous encounters with trolls, chose to play it cool.

She kept her response simple and straight to the point, writing: “Ata sijui. (I don’t even know)”

Anerlisa started facing questions about having babies when she was still dating her ex-husband, Ben Pol.

One fan had asked: “When are you planning to have babies with Ben?

To which Anerlisa responded: “Definitely after marriage.

She also indicated she loves children and would want to have many.

“Ofcourse as many as I can,” she said when asked how many children she planned on having.

After divorcing her ex, Anerlisa Muigai advised fans to take their time before having children.

“Dear Young Girls. Do not get kids with somebody you are not sure about. You can date, get engaged etc, but kids? That’s a whole a** commitment. Rather your partner leaves you because you are not sure about having kids than be forced to do it. That’s just my opinion, and others have different views,” she wrote.

And speaking of exes, Anerlisa on Thursday shared tips on how one can help their partner to forget their past lovers.

Anerlisa said she can’t even stand the sight of a handkerchief from an ex.

“If you want your partner to completely forget their exes, is by first removing and replacing anything they ever left in that house. Your partner will even respect you more because they will see you have the same power of replacement,” she wrote in part.

Here’s the receipt in full.

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