Millicent Omanga Responds to Crazy Kennar Mimicking her Booty Shake

May 6, 2022

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga was full of praise for content creator Crazy Kennar after he mimicked the lawmaker’s famous booty shake.

In a satirical skit, Kennar portrays Omanga as a leader who only elects to dance when asked to address members of the public during political rallies.

Despite the apparent satire, Millicent Omanga reshared the video on her socials while hailing Crazy Kennar’s talent.

She also jokingly pointed out that Kennar’s “booty” wasn’t as well-balanced as hers.

“Tales of the Crazy Kennar is definitely a super talented guy. Hopefully, I will have a chit chat with your entire team and you soon. I celebrate your talent bro keep winning. Lakini unafaa viboko mingi wewe balance hio kitu fiti,” she wrote.

Omanga also told off some internet users who chided her for missing the joke in Crazy Kennar’s video.

One Kenyan wrote: You’re a disgrace to your literature teacher. He’s simply implying that you got no manifesto, nothing to offer to Nairobians except twerking. Art is indeed beautiful.”

Another added: “The inner meaning of this joke is what you have to offer in Kenya Kwanza Rallies. Jokingly you’ve noticed it and the need for proper balance of your main agenda.”

Omanga told them: “However you understand is your own problem. Mimi kitu nataka tu ni Kennar ashughulikie balancing ya hio kitu …hizo zingine ni story tu mko nazo.”

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