How to Become a Bolt Driver in Kenya

April 29, 2022

requirements for joining bolt taxi in kenya

Bolt (initially Taxify) is a multinational travel company that was established in 2013 by then 19-year-old high school student Markus Villig in Estonia.

It offers car hiring services, trans urban mobility, and food delivery in over 300 cities in 45 countries. It has nearly 100 million customers, has employed close to 2 million Bolt drivers, and has its headquarters in Tallin, Estonia’s capital.

The ride-hailing company launched its operations in the Kenyan economic hub in 2016 when it began offering taxi services in Nairobi. Years later, Bolt has extended its services to towns like Mombasa, Nyeri, Kisumu, Karatina, and Nanyuki and now has a network in almost all major towns in Kenya.

Bolt has proven to be a leading company outwitting competitors like SWVL and Uber by introducing electric cars and bikes in Kenya. It has employed many youths to scale down the high unemployment rate in the country.

Requirements to be a Bolt Driver in Kenya

Bolt has put down ‘tough’ requirements for one to be onboarded as a Bolt driver in a bid to protect its reputation and ensure customer security.

Here are the requirements for you to be considered for hire as a Bolt driver.

* A clear passport photo
* National ID
* A valid certificate of good conduct from DCI
* A valid driver’s license
* Driver’s PSV License (Badge) issued by the NTSA (only for car drivers)
* Vehicle Logbook/Sales Agreement
* Vehicle’s NTSA Inspection sticker/report
* Vehicle’s PSV insurance sticker.

How to apply to be a Bolt Driver in Kenya

Signing up to become a Bolt driver is easy as it is done in the comfort of your home with a mobile phone or a computer with an internet connection. The application is online by following the steps below. For a successful application, you must meet the stipulated requirements. You must have your own car to register as a Bolt driver.

1. Visit
2. Register for a driver’s account by filling in your email, phone number, and your location
3. Upload the required documents
4. Submit

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted and will be required to visit their office in Bolt Training Hub at Sarit Center on any weekday at 11:00 am for training.

Cars accepted by Bolt Kenya

The good thing with Bolt is that it has opened the business arena for all works of life in Kenya. You must not be a car owner to earn with Bolt as it accepts a wide range of motors like Tuktuks, boda boda, and vehicles.

All these motors have different requirements depending on their area of operation. However, it must be of high-quality body standards and conditions to ensure customers enjoy their rides. Here are Bolt vehicle requirements in Kenya.

Bolt Tuktuk

Bolt tuktuks are available in Kisumu, Kakamega and Mombasa. Your tuktuk must be of the 2013 version or newer and must seat two passengers.

Bolt boda boda

bolt bodaboda

Bolt motorcycles are available in Kisumu, Kakamega, Nakuru, Naivasha, Eldoret, Kitale, Mombasa, and Nairobi. Your motorcycle must be a make of 2013 or latest and must seat one passenger.

Bolt Lite

Bolt Lite is operational in Nairobi, Kisumu, Kakamega, Mombasa, and Nakuru. Your car must be a hatchback that seats more than three passengers. Its engine capacity must range between 650cc and 1500cc and must be a 2011 make or the latest.

Bolt Base

You must own a hatchback, sedan, or station wagon to be categorized as Bolt Base. It operates in all cities of Kenya, and the oldest vehicle make required is; 2012 for Nairobi, 2010 for Mombasa, and 2008 for towns such as Eldoret and Kakamega.

The car must seat more than for passengers, have an engine capacity of 1500cc for Nairobi and not less than 1200cc for other cities.

Cars accepted by Bolt Kenya

Bolt Green

To join Bolt Green, you must have a car that was manufactured within the last ten years and seats more than four passengers.

NOTE: Electric cars are only operational in Nairobi and are classed as either Bolt Base or Bolt Lite.

Can one Bolt account be used for multiple cars?

Yes, Bolt users with more than one car can register as fleet owners in the Bolt platform. Here is the link of registering one account for multiple vehicles.

How long does it take to be accepted as a Bolt driver in Kenya?

Submitting your Bolt driver’s application online takes less than 5 minutes. After a successful application, you will be called in for a 30 minutes training before you download the Bolt app on Google Play or Play Store and start operations as a Bolt driver.

How much do Bolt Drivers make in Kenya?

Bolt drivers’ earnings depend on many factors such as performance, efficiency, and consistency. Also, operational location matters as big cities have adapted the tech-enabled ridesharing services than other remote towns in Kenya.

For instance, Bolt drivers in Nairobi earn approximately Ksh375/hr compared to Mombasa, where they pocket Ksh260/hr. Bolt charges a commission of 20% on the earnings of a single trip.

If you work full-time as a Bolt driver in Nairobi, you’ll earn around Ksh3,000 a day and Ksh2,080 in Mombasa. These translate to an average monthly salary of Ksh60,000 and Ksh40,000 for the two drivers, respectively.

Bolt drivers in other cities such as Eldoret, Kakamega and Nakuru earn am average monthly salary of Ksh30,000.

Bolt contacts

Bolt driver and passenger phone support – +254203893448 (Monday to Sunday 7:00am – 10:00pm)
Bolt Kenya email[email protected]
Bolt Kenya Twitter@Boltapp_ke 
Bolt Kenya InstagramBolt_Kenya 
Bolt Kenya FacebookBolt 

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