How To Transfer Land Title Deed in Kenya

May 11, 2022

How much does it cost to transfer title deed in Kenya?

A land title deed is a document of legal description that evidence the ownership of a piece of land, and it is used in any transaction involving the property. It details the name of the owner and the grantor of the deed.

However, the details captured in a titled deed is altered when the owner sells the land to prove new ownership. So how can you transfer the land title deed in Kenya?

First, you need to do a land search to ascertain that you own the property, whether there is an injunction issued against the land, or if there is outstanding land rates. After conducting the search, you will obtain a clearance certificate which is a crucial document required during the transfer of the title deed. Land search is done online via e-Citizen and costs Ksh500.

Requirements for transfer of land title deed in Kenya

* A copy of the valuation report
* A document indicating consent of transfer
* Copies of National ID of the buyer and seller
* Copies of KRA PIN certificate
* Two copies of passport size photographs
* Land rent clearance certificate
* Payment of stamp duty
* Land rate clearance certificate
* Title deed

How to transfer title deed in Kenya

Transfer of ownership of land entails changing details in the title deed, and here is a step-by-step guide on how you can change ownership of the title deed in Kenya for both buyers and sellers. It entails the procedures of acquiring required documents for the execution of the transfer.


1. The seller obtains a land rent clearance certificate at the land ministry for free. It takes around two weeks to process one
2. The grantor then needs to get a land rates clearance certificate for Ksh10,000 at Land Ministry offices in the county or Huduma Centre.
3. With documents proving ownership after conducting a land search, the seller moves to National Land Commission to obtain the consent for transfer at Ksh1,000
4. At this point, land valuation is done by government or contracted private evaluators at a minimum of Ksh15,000, depending on the size and location of land
5. The seller applies for stamp duty at 2% of the value for land in a rural area and 4% for urban land
6. Payment receipt is obtained by the Lands Ministry, alongside other documents like KRA PIN certificate, National IDs, passport size photographs, and copies of title deed
7. Transfer of ownership is done in less than 14 days

How much does it cost to transfer title deed in Kenya?

The transfer of land title deed in Kenya exceeds Ksh30,000 as one is required to pay ksh15,000 as a minimum fee of property assessors, Ksh10,000 for land rates clearance certificate, a charge of 1,000 for the consent of transfer document, and a cost of Ksh500 for a land search. Sellers also part with a 2% or 4% tariff for stamp duty after land valuation.

How long does title transfer take in Kenya?

The whole process – from conducting a land search to initiating the transfer of title deed, takes two months. But after the submission and approval of the required documents, it takes less than 14 days for the Lands Ministry to produce a new title deed with the buyer’s name.

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