Akothee Denies Influencing Daughter’s New Job at Unga Ltd

May 31, 2022

Musician Akothee has come out strongly to dismiss speculation that she pulled strings to secure her daughter Vesha a job at Unga Holdings Limited.

Akothee had announced Vesha’s new job last week as she visited her in her new office.

Utamu waa kusomesha mtoto, ni mtoto kupata kazi na kufanya kazi. Meet my daughter @veshashaillan in her new office 👏👏,” Akothee wrote.

Vesha’s new job came barely a month after Unga Holdings Limited had appointed Akothee as its brand ambassador. This led to assumptions that Akothee used her influence to get her eldest daughter the job.

But in a long ost on social media, the mother of five said Vesha gt the gig on merit. She also instisted that all her children are go-getters.

“I hope you pick a leaf from Vesha Shillan Awour Okello.

“The only thing I have achieved positively in life is raising responsible go-getters. Well, all my children have different strengths and that’s what I invest in. To start with, I Esther Akoth Kokeyo have never asked for a job for my children, not even in my companies, they send a proposal to me and join me in the daily running of my businesses,” she explained.

“With that passion for making it, Vesha stole my heart and I gave her part of my company as the Director at AKOTHEE SAFARIS. Well as if this was not enough, when COVID-19 struck, we were both in Mombasa and we had just had a groundbreaking of the Jumba suits. She announced to me that she had been following on getting an internship at Peptang, and they have asked her to join as soon as Monday 🤔🤔😭😭😭.”

Akothee continued: “Well as an overprotective mom, I asked why she would leave handling millions to secure an internship and she said; ‘Mom, I need external experience for me to be able to support our businesses better 🤔
It was not an easy decision for both of us 🤔 I will work for our companies at night do follow-ups, but allow me take up this.”

“We actually ended up on some Wall, ‼️ 3 months down the line, she was handed a certificate as the best sales Horeca representative. I visited her in Nairobi and my daughter was waking up at 4 to set and meet her targets 🤔.”

“I found her working and I asked if she had exams and she said nope! I am working on my targets for this month. As soon as she was confirmed, the following month she had her house all furnished and moved out of the hostel I rented for them as her sister Rue Baby was still in school.”

“Her coming to UNGA has got nothing to do with my influence, you know that I speak the truth always. The day she was going for the interview she dropped me at the embassy and kept the news of me 🤔 It was just a big surprise as well.”

“My kids are go-getters, that’s what I installed in them. Well just like my name could open doors, trust me several doors are closed for them too. They equally have borrowed haters and lovers. It has nothing to do with influence this time round its value.”

“I have had people bring their children into my companies who could not even stand the pressure. For my kids even if I would die today they will still stand the hit.”

“My second born Rue is the project manager at Akothee Foundation. Fancy Makadia is in her final year graduating this year too. And she is already working in France part-time whenever she doesn’t have classes. This Is the way I have managed as a mother just in case I don’t breathe. I don’t speak French though,” Akothee wrote.

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