Why Governor Mutua Hasn’t Deleted Lillian Ng’ang’a Photos

April 14, 2022

Lilian Nganga Alfred MutuaMachakos County Governor Alfred Mutua has disclosed why he still has photos of his ex-partner Lillian Ng’ang’a on his social media pages.

The former lovebirds might have had a nasty public spat but unlike most couples, Governor Mutua has not ‘erased’ Ms Ng’ang’a from his ‘life’.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Governor Mutua said he still celebrates the good times he had with Lillian Ng’ang’a regardless of how their romance ended.

“This is what I believe in life….that God brings people to your life for whatever period that God chooses and you celebrate the time you spend with those people. Regardless of any bad outcome or falling out, usually, if you spend a long time with anybody, as a friend, as a lover, as a family, the good times are better and more than the bad times. You don’t just wash away the good times, you celebrate the good times and you accept the position that God has given you and then you move on to what God will give you next and life continues,” Mutua explained.

The Maendeleo Chap Chap leader also indicated he is not planning to rename his hotel, A&L.

Christened after their names Alfred and Lillian, the A&L is at the centre of a legal battle between the former bedfellows after Mutua allegedly transferred a 45% stake in the company that owns the hotel from Ng’ang’a to his sister.

Ng’ang’a, who always dreamed of owning a hotel while working at Safari Park, claims she came up with the idea of the A&L Hotel and co-invested.

Explaining why he won’t drop the ‘L’ from their hotel name, Mutua said he has no ill-will and his heart is clean.

“The name of the hotel retains unless God changes….because it’s a company. It’s an outfit by itself, it’s not an individual. You know me I’m a person of a good heart. Me I don’t have vengeance or ill-will…I have goodness and mercy and that’s why God blesses me. You do everything roho safi everything moves on. People may say whatever they want but my heart is clean and that is why I can continue enjoying a very happy and successful life because God rewards people with a good heart,” Mutua said.

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