List of Public Service Commission Job Groups and Salaries

April 11, 2022

Job groups are generally classified according to an employee’s level of education, set of skills, and certification.

For public servants, job groups and salaries are set and reviewed by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).

Among the job groups that SRC harmonizes for Kenya’s over 7,000 public servants are:

Job group B1

It is the lowest job group in Kenya and aggregates low-skilled labourers. They include; Officer III, Support Staff, Operator III, and Attendant III. The salary scale for this group is Sh11,553 – Sh14,442.

Job Group B2

This group classifies skilled and lower supervisory staff. The salary scale for Job group B2 is Sh14,007 – Sh17,508.

Job group B3

This group gets a basic pay of between Sh16,777 and Sh20,972.

Job group B4

Formerly group G, this group consists of skilled staff who earn a basic salary of between Sh19,859 and Sh24,823.

Job group B5

Civil servants in this capacity are mostly top executives and senior specialists (heads of institutions), and get a salary of between Sh23,176 and Sh28,970.

Job group C1

Workers in this group are not highly skilled but get a better pay of between Sh28,970 and Sh39,110.

Job group C2

Formerly group K, workers in this category earn between Sh36,411 and Sh47,373.

Job group C3

Employees who go through some training before they are absorbed take home between Sh44,898 and Sh56,326 in this category.

Job group C4

With a bit of working experience and higher academic qualifications, professionals in this grade pocket between Sh54, 532 – Sh68,165.

Job Group C5

With a scale of Sh64,919 – Sh81,148, job group C5 holds a significant size of Kenya’s skilled workforce.

Job Group D1

Most employees in this job group are in entry-level management positions and earn between Sh81,148 – Sh109,550 for workers in Group D1.

Job group D2

This is the 11th level in the civil servant grading system. Employees in this category earn between Sh97,184 – Sh130,226.

Job Group D3

Consisting of managerial personnel, the group’s salary ranges between Sh114,334 – Sh152,064.

Job Group D4

Professionals in this group, mostly in middle or high-level management, are highly skilled and earn between Sh132,178 and Sh174,425.

Job Group D5

These are among the highest-paid employees in Kenya. They earn between Sh150,202 and Sh198,267.

Job group E1

This is the third-highest group in the new SRC Kenya job groups. Under E1, employees earn between Sh198,267 and Sh257,747.

Job group E2

Employees in job group E2 are the second-highest-paid with a salary scale of Sh221,508 and Sh282,954. The position requires a high level of experience.

Job group E4

Job group E4 gives a basic salary range of Sh292,765 and Sh576,120. The job group has highly skilled and specialized personnel – mostly in high-level management positions – with a high level of education and matching working experience.


Commuter allowance

This covers transport expenses to and from work, including official errands. Employees in Job Groups B1 to C1 receive a monthly commuter allowance of, at least, Sh3,000, while those in Group C2 get Sh4,000.

Kenya civil servants house allowance

This highly depends on the job group and covers the employee’s housing in the work premises or accommodation outside the workplace. The amount also differs across the job groups.

Other allowances in Kenya

These allowances add a significant amount to the basic pay and include:

Transfer allowance:

After a transfer, employees are entitled to an allowance to facilitate their movement and settling in.

Risk allowance:

This is given to workers who are exposed to harsh conditions and risks in the course of their work.

Hardship allowance:

This is given to civil servants in hardship areas like remote and rural areas.

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