How To Make a First Time KUCCPS Application

April 19, 2022

KUCCPS meaning

Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) is a government body tasked to oversee the selection program of secondary school graduates to higher learning institutions such as universities, colleges, and technical institutions.

KUCCPS retains students’ data even after admission to various varsities for use while conducting career guidance to students and advising the government on matters placement of secondary school graduates.

Before you apply for KUCCPS placement, make sure that you meet these requirements:

* You must be a Kenyan citizen by birth
* If you are not a recent secondary school graduate, you can only apply for TVET courses. Fresh secondary school graduates are automatically legible to use all KUCCPS services available for first-time users

How to make KUCCPS first time application


1. Open your browser’s address bar and enter
2. On the log-in page, fill in your correct KCSE index number, KCSE year, and enter your password. What is my KUCCPS password? Your password is either your KCPE index number or birth certificate number
3. After logging in, you can now apply for your desired courses on the Apply Now tab at different institutions of your preference so long as you meet the requirements. The maximum number of courses you can apply on KUCCPS is six for degree courses and four for diploma, certificate, and artisan programs
4. After selecting the courses of your choice and the institutions you would wish to study at, your selection automatically adds to the Course Basket
5. Courses on Course Basket have unique codes representing them. To finalize your selection process, kindly navigate to the Application/Revision tab to enter course codes and submit them
6. You will be asked to pay Ksh1,500 for first-time applicants and a Ksh1,000 revision fee for students who applied for the courses in school and paid Ksh500. Payments are made via Mpesa, and the transaction code is used to complete the application process. The transaction code must be retained for use when making any changes in your application before the application date lapses.

How to make KUCCPS payment – KUCCPS Mpesa pay bill number

How much do you pay for KUCCPS application? KUCCPS application fee is Ksh1,500 for first-time applicants and Ksh1,000 for candidates who undertook the application process in school and had paid Ksh500 before sitting for KCSE exams.

KUCCPS payment is strictly made via Mpesa, and the transaction code is used to approve the new application and subsequent revisions of courses in the students’ portal. Here is how to make a KUCCPS payment:

1. Go to the Mpesa sim toolkit on your phone
2. Select the ‘Pay Bill’ option
3. Enter KUCCPS pay bill number 820201
4. As the account number, start by entering your exam year followed by your index number without any space e.g 202036621120023
5. Enter the amount
6. Enter your PIN

Your payment is successful! You can now use the transaction code to confirm the payment of KUCCPS application fee in your portal.



* What is the difference between cluster points and cut-off points? Cluster points are the points calculated from the four main subjects required for a certain degree program. Cluster points depict whether you are competent for a certain course or not. On the other hand, cut-off points are the lowest cluster weight of a particular student that joined a particular course in an institution. Cut-off points vary with institutions.

* When will KUCCPS open its portal? Before the opening of the portal for students to apply for placement services, KUCCPS will announce placement applications and notices through mass media such as; newspapers, news blogs, televisions, and radios.

* How can I know where KUCCPS has placed me? After the completion of students’ placement, KUCCPS will shortly announce the finalization of the process, and successful applicants will view their placement in their respective portals. Applicants who provided phone numbers will be notified via SMS.

* Where do placed students obtain their admission letters? Students who have been placed at various institutions are expected to contact the institutions to receive admission letters and joining instructions.

* What happens if one misses the first Application? One can submit a new application when the revision of courses is conducted.

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