How To Change Your 2022 Form One Placement

April 13, 2022

The Form One high school placement has been done, and as usual, thousands of Kenyans are dissatisfied with the secondary schools their children have been sent to.

There have been uncountable complaints on social media from parents whose children did exceptionally well, but who got selected to join what they consider ‘below-par’ schools.

Good news is that there is a legitimate way to change this, and the procedure is entirely online.

However, this all depends on the availability of slots

Process to Request Form One Selection Change

1. The first step for the parent or guardian is to make a transfer request to the school they are interested in joining. The school will then add the name to a ‘request list’, whose number is determined by available slots. They will then select qualified candidates from the final shortlist.

Download the Form One School Selection Transfer Letter Here.

2. Once the determination on which candidates from the request/waiting list has been made, the school will submit their details to the National Education Management System, NEMIS website, and request the Ministry of Education to enroll them to their institution.

3. Depending on the category of the secondary school, the approval will be issued by either the Ministry’s head office in Nairobi, Regional Coordinators, and County Directors. These are for National, Extra County and County Schools respectively.

4. The former candidate will then be moved to their preferred school, and removed from the list of the previous schools.

5. At this point you can then download print the new admission letter.

How To Download Form One Admission Letter Online

1. On the Ministry of Education’s website, click ‘Online Services’, then ‘Form One Selection’.

2. Select the link you are interested in, namely:

* National Schools
* Extra County Schools
* County Schools
* Sub County Schools

3. Select the county, sub-county and enter the index number. Then click ‘Submit’.

4. Click ‘Admission Letter’ at the bottom of the page.

5. Download to your computer, then print.

6. Have the letter stamped by your head teacher.

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