Anerlisa Muigai Fined Sh2 MILLION For Trashing Rumored Boyfriend on Social Media

April 7, 2022

The year was 2018 when Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai took to social media to decry being defrauded by her then-friend Ben Kangangi.

This was about three years after the controversial car dealer had convinced Anerlisa to take a Sh19 million loan on his behalf.

Apparently, Ben Kangangi claimed he had secured a government tender to supply electrical cables and needed Sh20 million.

Anerlisa could only raise Sh7 million and had to borrow the rest. It is then that Kangangi told Anerlisa that he knew a financier who could offer the whole amount(Sh19,911,773) in less than a week.

However, after a few days, the financier identified as Dennis Mwangeka(Director, Mwananchi Credit Limited) demanded security from Anerlisa. The businesswoman then provided two cars that Ben Kangangi had surrendered as collateral, but Mwangeka demanded at least one car under her name or her company’s name.

In her post, Anerlisa said Kangangi had promised to repay the money in a week but he did not and his phone went unanswered.

“I started calling Ben but his phone went unanswered, all I was been told is that he was taking numerous trips to Dubai as his house which is right opposite the village market was being completed, and also he purchased a Porsche Panamera,” Ms Muigia wrote.
Anerlisa said she was informed that Kangangi and Mwangeka were seen partying together, contrary to Kangang’i claims that they did not know each other.
“In the same week of calling Ben, I was informed that Ben and Dennis had been seen drinking together yet Dennis had told me that he did not know who Ben was. I even tried to call Dennis immediately after being told that and he lied that he was in Eldoret. A friend also sent me a clip on Youtube of Dennis’s house being raided years back by police over stolen cars. Straight away I saw something was not right and felt that I got into a trap and decided to take this matter to court to try and save my own money too,” she wrote.
In her post, Anerlisa referred to Kangangi as an unscrupulous businessman who could not be trusted. She also denied dating him saying they had been friends for over five years.
Years later, the High Cout has ruled in favour of Ben Kangangi and ordered Anerlisa to pay him Sh2million for defamation.
Justice Said Juma Chitembwe said the Nero Water CEO failed to prove her claims against Kangangi.

“Given the evidence on record, it is this court’s view that it (the post) was indeed defamatory. The post directly referred to the plaintiff (Kangangi) and indicated that he was an unscrupulous businessman who conducted fraudulent businesses and could not be trusted.

“The plaintiff indicated that the claims by the defendant( Anerlisa) were false and that the defendant did not provide anything to controvert the same,” Chitembwe ruled.

“Given the evidence on record, I do find that a global award of Sh2,000,000 shall be adequate compensation for the plaintiff. The plaintiff is hereby awarded Sh2million as general damages plus costs and interest,” he ruled.

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