Amber Ray Responds to Those Asking What She Does For A Living

April 8, 2022

Popular social media personality Faith Makau alias Amber Ray has an answer for the people who keep asking what she does for a living.

Less than a month ago, Amber claimed that she depends on wealthy men to provide for her and spoil her. She was responding to a fan who advised her to start a business since she has a huge following on her social media.

The mother of one now says she is planning to put the matter to rest with the launch of her music career.

In a video leaked online, Amber was recorded saying she is ready to take the music industry by storm.

According to Amber, the announcement was supposed to be a surprise but her friend released the video.

“Manze umechoma hii ilikuwa surprise to my fans, (This was supposed to be a surprise to my fans),” wrote Amber Ray.

Amber Ray said she will be releasing hit after hit so that people can stop asking what she does for a living.

“Those who have been asking what I do for a living should know that from today, I am an artist. I want to change the industry by releasing hit songs,” she said.

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