Zari – I Like Diamond Now More Than When We Were Lovers

March 2, 2022

Zari Hassan says she has grown to like her ex-partner Diamond Platnumz now more than when they dated.

The South Africa-based Ugandan businesswoman spoke about her current relationship with Bongo star in an interview with NBS Television in Tanzania.

Zari reiterated she is not romantically involved with Diamond and their relationship is strictly as friends and co-parents.

“We are doing a good job co-parenting our children,” she said.

Adding: “Even when we hang out with our children, it just ends there. I don’t associate with Diamond in a romantic way, but we hang out a lot. We usually go for dinner with our children, sometimes he buys plane tickets so that I can take the kids to Tanzania to see him, or he comes to South Africa, and that’s it.”

Zari Hassan admitted co-parenting was difficult at first but she and Diamond reached an amicable agreement to prioritise their two kids, Tiffah and Nillan.

This, she said, has made her like Diamond more.

“Co-parenting at first was not easy, but we had a sit down where we defined our priorities, where our kids came first, and over time things got better.

“We’re friends more than we were lovers. We connect so much, and I have now grown to like him more than when we were lovers,” she said.

The mother of five also finally admitted she is dating her new catch, GK Choppa, months after she said they were just friends.

“Yes I’m dating him, he’s a nice guy, he’s sweet. Choppa is a sweetheart. I know there’s a lot of criticism but he’s a really nice guy,” Zari said.

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