Video Vixen Distances Self From Ali Kiba Divorce

March 9, 2022

Tanzanian video vixen Nasma Hassan alias Nana Dollz has denied she played a part in the ongoing divorce pitting Bongo star Ali Kiba against his estranged wife Amina Khalef.

Nana Dollz was recently featured in Ali Kiba’s music video for his song dubbed ‘Utu’. In the video, Ali Kiba and Nana Dollz play a couple as the singer serenades the latter.

They are captured in several intimate scenes which sparked rumors that the two might be a thing. Fans have since been accusing Nana Dollz of being a homewrecker.

But speaking to Wasafi media, the model posed, “How sure are you that woman asked for a divorce? Are you sure?”

She added: “The couple has not come to social media and told their fans they are splitting. They haven’t even said the video clip is the cause.”

Nana Dollz said the video was part of her work and she didn’t see anything wrong with their intimate scenes.

“It was not hard to shoot it. I didn’t see anything bad about that scene, there are people doing cozier scenes than that one.

“You can never judge someone you don’t know. About 99 per cent of people on social media don’t know celebrities’ real lives. I used to care but I don’t anymore.”

Nana Dollz mentioned she has a boyfriend who was affected by the video.

“My boyfriend doesn’t like social media. My boyfriend had a problem with it because people were pressuring him. Family and friends would send him the video. He felt disturbed.”

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