“I Never Cheated on Mulamwah, Never,” Carrol Sonie Says, Agrees to Paternity Test

March 9, 2022

YouTuber Carrol Sonie has faulted comedian Mulamwah for questioning their daughter’s paternity saying she never cheated on him when they were together.

The influencer said it was disrespectful of Mulamwah to insinuate he might not be the father.

Speaking to Dr Ofweneke, Sonie said the pregnancy was Mulamwah’s idea.

“I wonder why he would say such things. Before I got pregnant we sat down and agreed it was the best time to become parents.

I was OK at that time so I don’t understand why he keeps questioning her paternity,” she said.

Sonie said she is willing to do a DNA test on her daughter to confirm Mulwamwah is the father.

“You are welcome, you can do a DNA if you want to be sure. He is the one who convinced me to get pregnant,” she said.

When asked if she cheated on Mulamwah as alleged by the comedian, Sonie said: “I never cheated on Mulamwah, Never.”

The actress also claimed Mulamwah has not seen their daughter in months.

‘The last time he saw the child she was 2 months old, she is now turning 6 months. I have never denied him the chance to visit the child. I wouldn’t want my kid to ask me where the dad is. It is a good feeling to see the baby grow.”

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