Saumu Sonko – We are Co-parenting Well with my First Baby Daddy

March 9, 2022

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sinko’s daughter, Agnes Saumu Sonko, has opened up on single motherhood as her daughters turned a year older.

Saumu’s secondborn daughter, Ummy, fathered by Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip was born on the same date(March 8) as her firstborn daughter, Sasha, sired by aspiring politician Benson Gatu.

“Motherhood has been great so far. At least I have responsible children that are great. They listen to me and that has made it easy for me to handle life as a single mum. Cooperative children. All I wish for them is to be responsible even as they grow up to live up to their dream,” she said.

Saumu mentioned she does not regret having to raise the children on her own.

“I don’t regret anything at all as long as I have my children that is all that matters. They are my happiness. My family is my support system. They have been there for me, my children all the time. At least my kids get to see what a stable family looks like,” she said.

The mother of two also mentioned she is friends with Benson Gatu and that they are co-parenting well.

“We talk and we are co-parenting well with my first baby daddy.”

Saumu also celebrated her mother on International women’s day. She also appreciated her father Mike Sonko.

“She is a special woman and she has been helping me in doing so much for my children. My dad is also a very special person in my life. He is the strongest pillar in my life. I would chose him any day.”

On dating, Saumu said she is in no rush and is focusing on herself.

“I am giving myself more time before I get into another relationship. I am getting to know myself better. I want to go for as many vacations as possible. Things are different and I don’t want to rush,” she said.

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