Okiya Omtatah in Court to Block ‘Corrupt’ Politicians From 2022 Elections

March 9, 2022

Human Rights activist Okiya Omtatah has moved to court seeking to have individuals with integrity issues blocked from vying in the 2022 General Elections.

In his petition before the High Court, Omtatah says he is concerned that many people adversely mentioned in theft of public funds want to run for political seats in the August polls.

The activist also expressed concern that the IEBC is likely to clear aspirants with a tainted past, including those who were implicated in the Covid-19 supplies scandal.

”It is a matter of public notoriety and concern that many people adversely mentioned in theft of public funds, including the so-called Covid-19 billionaires, are lining up to vie in the August 9 general elections for various positions at the county and national levels of government,”  Omtatah states in court documents filed under a certificate of urgency.

Omtatah argued that allowing persons with integrity issues to vie for public offices is a threat to Kenya’s constitutional order.

He said electing leaders who have a history of corruption is detrimental to the country’s good governance and the war against corruption.

“To normalise the participation of people without integrity in the political life of the republic is to clearly demonstrate a lack of understanding of the obligations placed on elected leaders, ” he said.

Omtatah stated that the best way to ensure good governance, including stopping the rampant theft of public funds and the general lack of  transparency and accountability in the public sector is to ensure that only people with integrity are elected into State offices at both the county and national levels of government.

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