Meru Women Leaders Apologise to Ida Odinga

March 31, 2022

A section of leaders from Meru County has apologised to Ida Odinga after she was heckled at a public function in the county.

Speaking to the press at the Meru County Assembly on Wednesday, March 30, the Members of County Assembly (MCAs) condemned the incident that happened at a prayer meeting on Saturday, March 26.

They also faulted politicians for interfering with church activities and sponsoring the heckling of Ida.

“We want to condemn and shame that incident because it was not a political event but a faithful women’s prayer association. Why can’t we leaders organise our own meetings? Why should be gate crush meetings that have agendas, especially those that are church-based?” one MCA posed.

“For very many centuries, Meru has been peaceful. The way we want to be welcomed in all the counties in the same way we shall welcome others to ours.

“On behalf of Meru mothers, we want to say that we are very sorry for what happened. It was just a section of the crowd that the conveners of the meeting have confirmed that they were paid to boo mama Ida,” another MCA said.

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