We Moved in Together Three Days after Meeting on Tinder

February 14, 2022

On this Valentine’s Day, one couple shares their love story of how they met on the Tinder dating site and started living together within three days of meeting

Pauline, 34, and Godfrey Mwakazi, 38, matched on Tinder in 2016 and the rest is history.

Pauline narrates to Saturday Magazine:

“We met in the online dating app, Tinder in 2016. We started living together three days after meeting.  My husband is a full-time personal fitness trainer, under the brand name, Mwakazi Fitness.

It was my first time on Tinder. I was largely inactive. I quietly followed what people were doing. 

Godfrey didn’t know even the app existed. He was introduced to it by a friend. He didn’t exactly know how it worked. 

You can say we met through trial and error. He swiped right, and I did likewise. 

I loved Godfrey’s openness and his way of communication. He’s not like other men who request for photos even without asking for your real name.  Godfrey knew what he wanted. There’s nothing more attractive to me than a man who knows what he wants. 

Godfrey liked my personality and straightforwardness. He was patient with me. He made me feel he was the true man for me. 

We met on Wednesday on Tinder. We never exchanged digits, just greetings. On Friday, he asked for my number. I didn’t give him, but asked for his instead. 

We met on Saturday. Godfrey came to my work place, a pharmaceutical company, which I’d indicated in my profile. He was armed with my picture. He knew how I looked. He patiently waited for me at the parking lot. 

When he spotted me, he came towards me laughing and inquired how my day was. I smiled and joined him. 

We had late lunch at the Impala Club, Ngong Road. Later, at 7 pm, we took a walk at Jaffrey’s, Lavington. We went back to his place, and the rest is a love story that we’re still penning.  On Monday, Godfrey met my elder sister. Two days later, I dared him to meet my parents. He took the challenge and faced them. It was a brief meeting, though. 

The next day, my mother requested me to invite Godfrey for dinner with them in the CBD.

The next meeting happened during Easter, in the village. We had a good time. Initially, my parents didn’t ask Godfrey’s intention. When we left, my mother called and requested us to visit the following week. 

It was then Godfrey laid his marriage cards on the table. He promised my parents he would bring his folks to ask for my hand in marriage. This happened in less than two months. On 12th September, 2016, he paid dowry. 

Just like any other relationship, we have ups and downs. But the way you resolve and understand the issue is what matters. 

I met Godfrey with two beautiful kids. We connected because their dad was of great help in the bonding process. There were challenging times. His children know their biological mother. You have to let them know you’re not out to take their mother’s place. You must also treat them lovingly. Stepmothers generally have a bad tag, and one has to tread carefully. We have fun activities together. They’ve accepted me as their helper and other mom. 

Online dating can be knotty, but it’s real. I’ve met a good deal of couples who took this route, and it led them to heaven on earth. 

Caution is imperative, at all times and in all dating spheres. Freaks are all around us, even in religious circles. With that said, with patience, one can meet their life-long partner online. 

We have two YouTube channels. One’s for his work, Mwakazi Fitness. The other, Mwakazi Family, is, like the name suggests, family-oriented.” 

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