Things to Know About Video Vixen DJ Rebecca Michael

February 14, 2022

Rebecca Michael is one of the more popular video vixens in the Kenyan music scene. She also doubles up as a Disc Jockey popularly known as DJ Becky Vixen.

She shares some fun facts about herself.

  • I think of myself as friendly, kind, hardworking and very responsible.
  • Becky is also kind of an introvert. Not like I don’t talk to people, I just don’t fancy talking too much. I am more reserved.
  • A vixen DJ is basically two in one. I work as a video vixen sometimes but many at times I am a Deejay.
  • I never signed up for this but you know life happens. I was actually introduced to it by a video director friend who asked me to try it out. That was back in 2018.
  • A career as a video vixen does pay well in Kenya only if you keep it professional. You’re only treated with respect as a vixen if you respect yourself.
  • Ooh! And by the way, video vixen isn’t for women alone. Just like we have male strippers, we also have male vixens just that they’re not recognised more like their opposites.
  • One of the biggest challenges I have faced in this job is poor time management, especially during video shoots. Like I said, I am a professional and managing time is essential.
  • The major misconception I have faced as a video vixen is people presuming we are hoes because of the circumstances that surround the nature of our job. We are just out here trying to make a living man.
  • I know we are viewed as such because of the ‘rachetness’ that goes into our work. Because we dress skimpily on videos and the way we present ourselves.
  • But I find it funny because those who see us as such, are the very same ones who praise the likes of Nicki Minaj whose videos are far, far worse. She is always treated with respect.
  • Also, we don’t always dress skimpily sometimes it depends on the theme of the video.
  • I know sometimes I post explicit posts but it’s just part of the job.
  • Nonetheless, I am glad the most important people in my life are very much supportive of what I do. My mother loves everything I do so long as I’m disciplined and responsible.
  • Well and for someone who may wonder if my boyfriend is supportive too. For now, I ain’t dating.
  • Not dating has nothing to do with me being a video vixen. I don’t think there is any difference between dating a vixen or any other person. It all depends on the respect you have for each other.
  • Sometimes I also post my workouts and some people will blast me because the majority of my posts I am always in clubs. To them I am always partying, what they don’t know is I am always working. I am a full-time deejay remember?

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